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For most Brokers, an HSA is just an afterthought to insurance. Brokers and carriers want a solid HSA solution they can stand behind, but they don't want to deal with the administration headaches of staff and additional overhead. And, unless they are the actual Custodian, they simply can't answer the fiduciary questions regarding the account. That's the beauty of Kereon HSAs. All the administration and banking functions are done by us, from setting up the HSA and organizing contributions, to helping with investments and distributions, allowing the Broker and the carrier to focus on the insurance.

The Employer
Employers want to offer a competitive benefits package but they also have to watch the bottom line. HSAs are gaining in popularity, and for good reason, but many people are intimidated by the rules involved with HSAs. Kereon HSA can help determine if the insurance plan is HSA qualified, certify claims and eligibility expenses, perform contribution management, guard against over contributions, make sure distributions are IRS complaint, explain the benefits of an HSA to employees and help set up their HSA.

The Custodian
The Custodian is interested in building accounts, not insurance products. Kereon HSA is designed so the Custodian doesn't have to sell or handle the administration for any insurance plan. Kereon HSA will handle all questions that arise on the account administration side.

Exchanging Data Behind the Scenes
For HSAs to be successful, you must be able to offer convenient payment flows to and from the account. This requires a complex system of data exchanges including health claims, deposits and withdrawals, and electronic fund transfers. Kereon HSA makes this all appear seamless to the user. Kereon HSA works with you, the Broker to design the right plan for the group or help them understand how an HSA can work with a Cafeteria Plan, and HRA or an FSA.

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