Why House Calls

Image Your Own HomeOur Patients Prefer Housecalls:

Think about it. You go to the Doctor’s office. But First, you have to drive there… Then you wait… and wait… and wait for the Doctor… Only to get just a few minutes in a tiny cold room!

Then you have to drive back home or back to work! How much time did all that take? Did you have to take time off work and lose pay?

Did you have to bundle up the kids and drag them to the doctor… or pay for a baby sitter? And what if you don’t have a car… you take a bus, a taxi, or bother someone for a ride!

There’s an easier way! Have the Doctor come to you! Our Doctors & Therapists come to your home, so there is no waiting on your part.

They work from 7a.m. to 7p.m., Monday to Friday… and Saturdays too! We work around Your Schedule, not the other way around!

You can be home relaxing, watching TV, taking care of things at home rather than driving to a clinic. And you get all of the Doctors & Therapists Attention!
Doctors Making House Calls… It’s Time has come… again!

Why go to the Doctor, when the Doctor will come to you?

With over 25 years of experience specializing in helping the injured, you can feel comforted to know you will have doctors who have helped thousands of folks just like you.

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