Patient Testimonials

Here Are a Few Testimonials from Patients Regarding Injury Care Doctors: 


Image MelaniPast Employee Tells All! I worked as a Doctor's Assistant for Injury Care. So I know all the "behind the scenes..." you know, like a waitress knows what goes on in the kitchen. Well I must say, these Doctors are the most dedicated, honest, experienced, and skilled Doctors I've ever met. I saw so many people get unbelievable results when I worked for them. So when I was in a car accident and suffered from headache, neck, back and joint pain, I immediately called Injury Care. My results have been fantastic.
Melani L., Shakopee

Image TinaAfter being rear-ended at high speed I suffered with headaches, neck and back pain, and shoulder injuries. I couldn't work, or take care of my house hold. I can't thank the Chiropractors & Massage Therapist enough for helping me feel so much better! And it hasn't cost me a dime.
Tina 0., Burnsville.

Image SaraMy kids and I were badly injured in a car accident. I had several friends who got great results for their car accident injuries at injury Care. Dr. Mash of Injury Care took the time to listen to our concerns. After a thorough exam, he explained what was wrong and what needed to be done. With the proper treatments, all of us feel great again. Thank You so very much!
Sara L., Bloomington.

Image VickyDr. Mash has been our family chiropractor for about 25 years! When I was injured in a car accident, I knew I'd be in good hands with him. My headaches, neck and back pain are so much better now!
Vicky J., Shakopee

Image MariaI had no transportation to get to the Doctor. My daughter was a patient of the Injury Care doctors for her injuries and highly recommended Injury Care. What a blessing to have a Doctor make House Calls! The appointments are so convenient to have in my apartment. I'm also glad Insurance Pays for my House Call visits! These Doctors care, listen and get great results!
Maria G., St. Paul

Image JesseMy back and neck were killing me after a car Accident. Pills just made me feel sick. My lawyer told me about these doctors who for 25 years have specialized in my kind of injuries, and who also made House Calls. After just a few treatments,I started feeling much better. The Massages really help relax my stiff and sore muscles.
Jesse A., St. Paul

Image DaraWhen I was injured in my car accident, I was really concerned about costs. I found out that insurance pays 100% of the costs! My attorney referred me to Doctor Mash. Dr. Mash & his associates are the best. The treatments feel great. And I love the convenience & privacy of the home visits.
Dara C., St. Paul

Image CharlotteMy work schedule makes it difficult to get to the doctor for my injuries. I like the flexibility in scheduling and I appreciate that the Doctors will come to my home and treat me. My treatments are not rushed like most doctors appointments. I couldn't recommend anyone more!
Charlotte M., Minneapolis

Image CleteI was out of work and injured in a car accident. I had lots of pain and discomfort. In just a couple of weeks, I found the treatments to be very helpful. My experience with doctors is that they just don't take the time I want with them for my treatments. Well Injury Care Doctors actually care about me. They don't rush things. The treatments always feel great. All of the Doctors of Injury Care go the extra mile for their patients. Here you have Great Doctors, and Massage Therapists who are willing to come to my apartment and treat me. The treatments feel great. And Insurance Pays for all of it. What else could you ask for!
Clete B., Minneapolis

Image IraI've been in two different car accidents. Both times I've turned to Injury Care. Why? Because I know that the Doc's are the best! I tell all my friends if they are injured to call Injury Care.
Ira H., Minneapolis

Image AmberI feel much improved! And all my costs were paid by the insurance company! I couldn't be happier with the results from Injury Care!
Amber S., St. Louis Park

Image HelenI had too much pain to go to the Doctor 's office... and besides, I had no transportation. My attorney recommended Injury Care for my serious injuries. The treatments felt great. I was a little concerned about having a Doctor come to my small apartment, but that concern went away in a couple of minutes with the sincere warmth and generosity of the Doctor! These Doctors really know what they are doing!
Helen B., St. Louis Park

Image Jacqueline

I was afraid the treatments would be painful.., it's just the opposite, they feel great!
Jacqueline L., Minneapolis

With over 25 years of experience specializing in helping the injured, you can feel comforted to know you will have doctors who have helped thousands of folks just like you.

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