Common Questions

Image Insurance AcceptedCommon Questions We Hear: 


Do I need a referral?
That’s an easy question to answer. No!


Who Pays For My Treatments??
We are accepted by ALL Auto Insurance Companies. That means Insurance Must Pay 100% of all necessary health care expenses related to your accident.


I was at fault in the accident, can I still get treatments?
Yes! You have the same rights and insurance benefits for care if you caused the accident, or if someone else caused the accident.


Do Treatments Cost More For Home Care?
No! Our fees are the same as most clinics.


Do Treatments Hurt?
Treatments generally feel good. Our team of experts have great experience helping people in pain.


Won’t My Insurance Rates Go Up?
Absolutely Not! Insurance cannot raise rates for an auto accident victim…that’s the law!


Do You Treat Children?
Yes. Children love our Doctors!


Do I have to pay anything at the visits?
No. We bill your insurance company… and insurance pays 100% for medical benefits.


It’s a little embarrassing, but my house is messy?
Don’t worry at all, we understand. We’ve treated the very wealthy and the very poor. We don’t discriminate. Whether your house or apartment is large or small, in a fancy neighborhood, or the inner city; neat or messy… it doesn’t matter to us at all… we are here to help you get well!


I had no insurance at the time of the accident… can I still be treated?
In many cases, yes. Call and speak with us and we’ll let you know your rights!


Do you work with attorneys?
We cooperate with many attorneys. If you need an attorney we can recommend one for you. We are experienced in the medical - legal aspects of injuries.


Do you have more questions?
Give us a call… there is No Charge… and we are happy to answer all of your questions!

With over 25 years of experience specializing in helping the injured, you can feel comforted to know you will have doctors who have helped thousands of folks just like you.

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