Dunlop Dimebag Crybaby Wah Pedal, Model DB-01 - Re-Painted

CrybabyOriginalCamoImage_Painted_Crybaby7This is a GREAT pedal, however, I didn't appreciate the camouflage finish so I repainted it to match the era it originally came from:

Since the Wah Wah pedal was used by Hendrix, Cream, the Beatles, etc., from the 1960's and 1970's, I thought it should have a finish that matches that era. Therefore I repainted it. It also stands out better on my pedal board now with the bright colors, making it so much easier to see. I painted it with Acrylic Testors Paint and then sprayed it with a lacquer gloss clear coat to protect it from scratches.

The DB-01 has such great features. I chose it for it had everything I wanted. It lights up so you know it's on and has good controls so you choose what type of sweep, etc. that you want.

  • It has 6 settings, to adjust the frequency range (filter) for the pedal sweep:
  • You then adjust the intensity with the Q and Fine Tune controls
  • It has a variable output boost level from 0 to 17 db .

A problem with all those controls however, is that NONE of them are labeled, so you have to remember what each control does, which to me is too much of a pain . Also, the 3 small black control knobs have no visible mark to show where you are at, other than a small notch in the bottom , which is very hard to see. Plus the knob is upside down, which to me is just unnatural. So I painted them to show where they are at with the mark on the top and labeled the Sweep Range to know which is high and low. If this was your only pedal, you'd surely remember all that, but after you mix it with other pedals, why memorize all that? Better to use your brain playing guitar instead. I summarized the controls here for myself so they're easy to understand:

Wah Range Sweep Selector Knob
- Right side of pedal to select 6 Tonal Sweep Ranges.

  1. High - Turn knob Counter-Clockwise. High ranges tend to sound more punchy and sharp as in Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile.
  2. Low - Turn knob Clockwise. Lower ranges have a deeper growling feel like Jerry Cantrell’s Chewy sound.

Fine Tune Adjustment Knob
- Left side closest to output jack (Rear Adjustment Knob).

  1. Low (Min) - Rotate Counter Clockwise for Darker sound.
  2. High (Max) - Rotate Clockwise to extend High end of sweep range, making the toe down position Brighter.
Variable Q Adjustment Knob
- Left side of pedal (Center Adjustment Knob). Controls Shape of Filter Peak by Controlling Sharpness of band pass filter.
  1. Low Q - Rotate Counter-Clockwise for subtle broad Bass Filter Peak. Lower Q settings have a more musical quality, less vocal effect, and produce less output that doesn't affect your tone as much as high Q settings.
  2. High Q - Rotate Clockwise for very large and selective Sharp Filter Peak. Choose a High Q in combination with high gain for super shrill leads.

Volume Boost Control Knob
- Left side closest to toe (Front Adjustment). Controls amount of Gain Boost in the signal. Hit red button to activate.

  1. 0 db - Fully Counter Clockwise (normal throughput).
  2. +17 dB - Fully Clockwise.

Dual Indicators On Heel End
- Located on heel end of lower housing. There are two LED high brightness indicators.

  • Green LED - indicates the Wah Pedal effect is On.
  • Red LED - indicates the Boost is On. This only operates when the effect is on.

* Disclaimer - This is a not an official site. I am not affiliated in any way with Dunlop. I just like this pedal, own this pedal and have summarized information about this pedal.

Photos of My Repainted Dunlop Dimebag Crybaby Wah Pedal:

Image_Painted_Crybaby6 Image_Painted_Crybaby1
Image_Painted_Crybaby9 Image_Painted_Crybaby8
Image_Painted_Crybaby5 Image_Painted_Crybaby3
Image_Painted_Crybaby2 Image_Painted_Crybaby4