Maximize Impressions near your business or promote your product and get noticed!

Cleanvertisement is an environmentally friendly form of advertising.

In addition to being green, the array of people this medium can target is also a great opportunity for advertisers and the cost is not very expensive.

We have a network of applicators across the country, so we can apply your ads anywhere you choose!


Our Experience

Our experience and professionalism guide every business, no matter how big or how small.

Our form of advertising has been used in Europe for quite some time now. A variety of media companies have offered this such as CURB, based out of London and we have brought this idea to America!

Overnight your business can promote up to 100 ads to prospective customers anywhere you designate.

We are very personable and customize every experience to be unique for each customer.

dominosIf you're wondering if this form of advertising works - One of the well-known advertisements was a campaign for Domino's. Advertisements were placed in three U.S. cities (New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia) and around 210 advertisements were distributed amongst them. Domino's used this form of advertising in conjunction with a PR strategy of making their sidewalk advertising interactive by sending customers on a scavenger hunt for the advertisements. According to Domino's, the first 250 people to submit a photo with the advertisements via e-mail would receive a $15 Domino's gift card. Domino's spent $20,000 on the campaign and estimated the campaign brought about $1 million worth of publicity! Does that answer your question?

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