Maximize Impressions near your business or promote your product and get noticed!

Cleanvertisement is an environmentally friendly form of advertising.

In addition to being green, the array of people this medium can target is also a great opportunity for advertisers and the cost is not very expensive.

We have a network of applicators across the country, so we can apply your ads anywhere you choose!


A New Way For People to Recognize Your Business!

sidewalkCleanvertisement is a national guerilla marketing firm

We work with a national network of businesses that clean up the streets with your advertisement with the imprint of your name! Our business is based out of Cocoa Florida, but we can create your ad anywhere!

Guerilla marketing brings awareness to the newest products, businesses and events

Leave your mark where thousands of people will see it every day. People will stop to take pictures and those pictures get posted on social media websites all over the world! This is a new trend in advertising, so be one of the first to promote your business with this new mode of advertising!

seemoreCleanvertising Is The Newest And Most Clean Way To Advertise, But What Is It?

We use an eco-friendly form of sidewalk advertising applied by simply using water. Water stenciling, known as reverse graffiti or green graffiti is a fairly new form of advertising that allows individuals to get their message across by power washing their ad into a sidewalk.

What Businesses Will This Benefit?
Bars and Clubs Churches
Restaurants School Events
Special Events City Governments
Political Awareness Product Awareness
Hotels and Resorts Banks
New Products Local Bands
All Retail Stores Public Notices
Clubs The Sky is the limit!

Cleaning it up with your advertisement!

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